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About Us

Since 1979, PT Jaya Real Property, Tbk. has been building and managing vibrant, sustainable communities and developments where residents and businesses thrive. We have pioneered the creation of livable, integrated developments that combine aspirational homes, public amenities, commerce and transit. We build lasting value, not only for this generation, but for those to come.

Diversified Portfolio

We are growing an exciting, balanced portfolio designed to meet the needs of aspiring homeowners, inspire creative business leaders and draw quality retail and corporate partners.


By maintaining a healthy balance sheet and pursuing strategic investments that complement our core business, our goal is to create long-term value for shareholders and drive balanced, sustainable growth.

Latest Result

Rp 2.18 Trillion Revenues (FY 2020)
Rp 1.01 Trillion Income for the Year (FY2020)

Shareholders' Information

We focus on generating healthy returns for our shareholders by maintaining financial discipline and driving long-term, sustainable growth across our portfolio.

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A subsidiary of PT Pembangunan Jaya

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