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"We believe that valuing our people is central to building a sustainable business"

Ensuring a fair workplace

We aim to ensure that all employees, regardless of gender, background, religion or age, have equal opportunities in relation to recruitment, compensation and access to professional and personal development. Our Code of Conduct promotes mutual respect and ethical behavior throughout the Company, and encourages employees to speak out about anything that they are concerned about. Our policies on human resources are fully compliant with national and local regulations on employment and wages.

We offer a wide range of training and development opportunities, encourage individual initiative and maintain an open dialog between management and employees. In this way we empower our people to realize both their own and the Company’s potential.

Making health and safety a priority

Ensuring a safe, healthy environment is a top priority throughout the organization. We have detailed policies, rules and procedures, including strict pandemic hygiene protocols, in place to prevent accidents and mitigate risks. Regular training empowers everyone in the Company to identify hazards and protect themselves and their co-workers. We back this up with safety campaigns, fire drills and emergency response preparation, not only with our employees and subcontractors but with tenants as well, to create a safety mindset wherever we work.

From comprehensive health insurance to yoga classes and cycling, we take care of the physical and mental wellbeing of all our people. In addition, every employee has an annual medical check-up, free of charge, to give them peace of mind and enable early health interventions.