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Our Business

We are growing an exciting, balanced portfolio designed to meet the needs of aspiring homeowners, inspire creative business leaders and draw quality retail and corporate partners.

PT Jaya Real Property, Tbk. is building communities, developing commercial properties and managing urban infrastructure that add value to strategic, up-and-coming hubs in the greater Jakarta region. Our business is helping you to thrive.

Landed Residential

We are empowering new ways of urban living that will deliver enduring value for generations to come. Our landed residential developments are havens where families can grow, flourish and reconnect with nature, all within easy access of schools, health facilities and commercial centers. Whether it’s an affordable starter home or a luxury residence, we consistently deliver the best in quality, design and amenities.

Superblocks & Condominiums

Designed to serve today’s active lifestyles, Jaya Real Property’s three mixed-use superblocks are visionary spaces for living and working, where people can move seamlessly between multiple functions without needing motorized transport. With high-rise residences, office and retail space, as well as recreational amenities, our superblocks feature the best in modern, sustainable design and are superbly well-connected to both public transit and to all major destinations via toll roads.
Jaya Real Property’s condominium developments offer an unparalleled living experience. With all-inclusive facilities and excellent accessibility, they are designed to make life better.

Shopping & Trade Centers

From global brands to the freshest local produce, from international fast food outlets to Indonesia’s own culinary favorites, from the latest blockbuster movie to a rising local band, our shopping and trade centers deliver the best retail and leisure experiences for the whole family.
Each of our retail centers is uniquely tailored to its location, offering inspiration, opportunity and satisfaction for customers and vendors alike.

Sport Centers & Recreation

With the Ice Rink@BXChange, Indonesia’s largest indoor skating rink, and two thematic waterparks in Puri Jaya and Graha Raya, Jaya Real Property brings family-friendly fun and adventure to our premier residential developments. These outstanding recreational facilities have become the pride of their communities, attracting leisure visitors from across the greater Jakarta region.


Strategically located in the heart of fast-moving business districts, CitraDream Hotel Bintaro and Hi Hotel Senen are easily accessible by both road and rail. Minimalist, eco-friendly design, a modern outlook and the unique warmth of Indonesian hospitality combine to give our guests the ultimate hotel experience at surprisingly affordable prices. With restaurants and full meeting facilities, as well as multiple commercial, retail, dining and entertainment options on the doorstep, our hotels are the destination of choice for both business and pleasure.
Our guests’ safety is our priority. Our hotels are equipped with 24-hour security systems and implement stringent COVID-19 hygiene and disinfection protocols.


We are investing in health in partnership with Indonesia’s leading provider of premium quality health care services, the Rumah Sakit Pondok Indah Group. Equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and staffed by dedicated professionals, Pondok Indah Bintaro Jaya Hospital delivers leading-edge heath services in an award-winning ‘green’ building.
As well as centres of excellence in our Dental Specialist Clinic, Orthopedic Center and Obstetrics & Gynecology Clinic, Pondok Indah Bintaro Jaya Hospital also provides comprehensive, international-standard inpatient, outpatient and emergency care in exclusive, patient-friendly surroundings.

Toll Road

We invest in strategic road networks that connect people, communities and businesses. By reducing congestion and shortening travel times, our toll roads are easing people’s lives and helping to drive local and national economies. Using innovative designs, technologies and construction methods, we’re also minimizing disruption during the construction process and reducing environmental impact.

Clean Water Distribution

Reflecting our deep commitment to the environment, we are supplying sustainable, clean water to thousands of homes and businesses in Bintaro Jaya. In partnership with the South Tangerang Municipal Water Authority, we deliver over 5 million cubic meters of water annually at rates of up to 160 liters per second through our extensive pipeline infrastructure, while helping to preserve this valuable resource for future generations.

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